Hi all, my name is Itamar Serfaty and I am a Webbaker, an enthusiastic UI & UX freelance designer who likes to think about the end user and make creative designs that works. 
I also teach design skills at Webbaker School, and currently leading the design community in the south of Israel.
 If you are working on an awesome project and need an end to end designer, for the journey or just for a short while, I am on board!
Freelance Designer
UI & UX freelance designer with 5 years of experience. I am good at planning and designing web based platforms, user interfaces and web sites.
My clients are tech based companies & startups such as: Sigmabit (by Elbit), Logz.io, TAT Telecom, Cyberspark, Bataboo, Prelasis and more.
Previously worked as a full stack designer for Lnet- e-learning company.

Design South Community
Founder and co-manager - Design South was made to improve the design industry in the south of Israel.
We help creating collaboration among designers and employment opportunities.
We host meetups and talks about design. stay tuned and join our monthly newsletter >>
Also, we conducted the Negev Poster Design Contest calling designers all over israel to give their visual interpretation for the Negev region.
Webbaker - Digital school
After graduating design school, I have decided to share my 
knowledge in design and web skills. I founded Webbaker - Digital school and started teaching. In three years, my team and me taught hundreds of pupils in a variety of short courses like: Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress & more.
Teaching design and at several education institutes - such as: Sapir Academic College, Ashkelon College - Foreign Studies Unit, Mao’f & Webbaker - Digital School.
Web instructor at appleseeds academy for “Neta” youth program for 2 years. proudly awarded best instructor.
Education delegation to africa - teaching google cloud services for the community center at Kumasi, Ghana on behalf of Appleseeds Academy.
Produced design hackathon for youth for appleseeds org. 2 year in a row.
UI & UX course at Netcraft academy
Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication/Media Studies at Sapir
Academic College

Practical Engineer in Interactive Design at Sapir Academic College
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